Why employer branding is so important especially in the packaging industry

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In times of change and new organizational paradigms, the employer brand is developing into a business-critical management task.

Sales has the largest surface area to the customer. Especially in the packaging industry, whose solutions are to a large extent highly individualized. These customer relationships definitely do not function without the employees who act as ambassadors for the brand. The stronger the intensity of the exchange, no matter if it is on a technical or content level, the greater the influence of the employee. In the office as well as in the field. This means that these employees act as the “human advertising column” of the company.

That’s why they need to know what the company stands for. And this applies to all hierarchical levels: If the boss is not “on brand”, the employees are not either. Sustainable anchoring can only be achieved through the role model function of managers, because only through leadership topics such as brand, strategy or a change project can become truly relevant for employees. Only if the brand is lived in the company it can be experienced harmoniously by the customers at all points of contact.

If this is achieved, essential basics for a successful employer branding strategy are laid, because the battle for the best talents has long since begun and is an extremely critical success factor for medium-sized businesses in Germany.

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