Sustainability – not always everybody elses business

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Trends

Collaboration with such iconic designers such as George Nelson or Charles and Ray Eames made the Herman Miller company name synonymous with modern furniture classiccs in the 20th century. Nowadays not only the design quality, but the carbon footprint and the recycling ability have become even more challenging.  So it comes as no surprise, that with the Mirra, designed by Studio 7.5 in Berlin by Professor Burkhardt Schmitz, industry pioneer Herman Miller has an office chair in the program, that is designed from the outset completely on the basis of the Cradle to Cradle principle (C2C) for sustainable product design.

The Cradle to Cradle principle, invented by german Professor of Process Engineering, Michael Braungart, uses the model of nature to create products whose materials can circulate in potentially infinite biological and technical cycles.

Herman Miller collected the data for all 180 components from around 200 suppliers, exchanging unhealthy materials until the chair was made of 69 percent healthy materials and is a prime example of the implementation of the C2C principle in practice.

That is one of the main reasons, our offices are furnished with this chair. Not to forget, that it has an outstanding design quality and a very high comfort with ergonomic features unrivalled by other office chairs.

So, this is an example how sustainability can be part of everyday life even in the office. At least at our offices!


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