Survey on the top-topics in the B2B-marketing – packaging industry vs. entire B2B

by Aug 23, 2018Trends

B+P Communications asked and you answered: What are the top-topics that are relevant in the packaging industry in comparison to all b2b industries in the following three years? The questions dealt with marketing and communication topics and with their change in meaning.

To determine the results, we conducted an anonymous online survey. The findings obtained were compared to theresults of the bvik b2b-marketing-budget-study.

The comparison of the results showed:

  • Regarding the estimation of the future importance of communication, there is not such a difference between the estimation of the packaging industry compared to the entire b2b industry. But, the top topics, that are relevant for the packaging industry, are clearly different from the relevant topics for the entire b2b industry.
  • In some points industry specific differences become apparent, that refer to the special needs and structure of this complex industry.

It can be concluded that communication will remain a special business for the packaging industry, that requires not only a high industry knowledge, but also know-how and therefore experience of the active players.

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