Employer Branding


TASK | The employees of the company feel too little teamspirit. Eight locations on three continents.
It is necessary to filter out these reasons and to position Weckerle as an attractive employer again and to offer orientation to the employees.

SOLUTION | If you take a closer look, you will discover something quite different in the name Weckerle. Something quiet fantastic: Weckerle begins with We. The thought helps in the transformation process from Weckerle to We-feeling. Every employee is part of the Weckerle company. We are Weckerle. The creative guiding idea and the definition of the corporate identity: Who are we? form the basis for the corporate film, the employee brochure explaining the Weckerle philosophy and the Onboarding-Kit. The aim of all measures is to strengthen the trust and solidarity of the employees with Weckerle.