Mobile Apps and their advantages in the B2B environment

by 15. January 2019Digital World

Today, mobile apps are an integral part of everyday life. More and more companies in the B2B environment are discovering the advantages of apps.

Sales apps are already standard in the pharmaceutical industry

In the B2B environment, personal sales are of great importance for high-risk-, expensive- or for complex products such as pharmaceuticals, since intensive advice from experienced sales staff is usually decisive for the purchase decision. A digital sales or consulting solution offers a high added value and an enrichment for the sales-performance and -efficiency of sales representatives in the pharmaceutical industry.

Powerful apps for smartphones or tablets can be a practical and timely support tool to retrieve and present facts or data about products in a structured and at the same time experience-oriented way.

Presenting the right information to the customer at the right place, at the right time and in the right way is now possible with the help of digital App tools.

With the help of apps, you can use diagrams or audiovisual formats such as videos or animations to explain your products or services. These apps also will help you to structure sales conversations and to straightforward them with current data (e.g. stock/delivery times). The structure, entertainment and variety of information create a feeling of security, competence and contemporary distribution on both, the seller and buyer side. Furthermore, these apps can help to improve the communication between the office and field staff.

Employee Apps

Employee apps are also very popular. Beekeeper is an established tool that B+P Communications is also dealing with.

Beekeeper’s employee app helps to digitize employees’ workplaces. Employees are made available and networked with each other. A secure messaging function enables companies to replace their shadow IT (e.g. WhatsApp groups) with a data protection compliant solution. The easy-to-use app is complemented by a web version and a comprehensive dashboard. Extensions allow e.g. to conduct employee surveys or to send push messages to groups of employees.

If you intend to establish such an app in your company, our experience has shown that this must be clarified at the highest level, since the HR department must be fully integrated, because it loses a part of its unique position to the marketing or the communications department. It should be emphasized that the paradigm of communication is internally turned from push to pull.

Both app solutions require improvements of the internal communication in the company. A smooth internal information flow is the key to success. We will show you how you can use this key for yourself and give you detailed advice in advance on the possibilities that are available to you in line with your objectives – be it employee communication or increasing the efficiency of your sales team.

If you intend to establish such an app in your company, please contact Peer Schmidt-Paulus

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