Influencers are also gaining importance in B2B

by 15. January 2019Trends

In the consumer goods sector, influencers are now an important component for building reach. They will also become increasingly important in B2B sectors in the future.   

So far only a few B2B companies make use of Influencer Communication or Influencer Marketing, although this instrument can be decisive for decision makers in choosing a producer or service provider.

The study B2B – Influencer communication of the university Darmstadt and Fink & Fuchs lights up the meaning of Influencers for the B2B-environment. It illustrates differences between B2B and B2C in this field. While in B2C the reach is an essential criterion for the cooperation with influencers, it is of secondary importance for B2B decision makers. In the B2B environment, the right content and a good reputation of the opinion maker play a more decisive role. In the B2B area, influencer communication is more likely to pursue long-term goals, whereby influencers can strengthen the credibility of companies. YouTuber, celebrities or bloggers are – in contrast to B2C – less the influencers in B2B who “work”. In B2B it is rather the customers, business partners, respected journalists or the representative employees of the company who are regarded as optimal for influencer marketing according to the study mentioned.

Today, more and more independent B2B blogs are being created, run by professionals such as engineers or developers. By filtering and cooperating with appropriate influencers, you can expand your communication in a meaningful way.

In our experience, B2B companies can integrate such suitable influencers very effectively into their external communication (e.g. via LinkedIn, Xing,…), for example in the area of social media, in order to advertise for themselves or their own products/services. We help you to choose the right strategy. For example, it is often advisable to set up target-oriented discussion groups and include high-quality contributions in the discussions. We support you in such and similar activities and show you which measures lead to increased attention and traffic on your channels.

One of the biggest obstacles is the challenge to find suitable channels, measures and influencers for a certain market segment. This is where we come in. We not only help you find the right channels and activities. We generate content and advise you on the selection of suitable influencers.

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