Flexible Packaging – highest performance for human and environment

by | Aug 23, 2018 | You & Us

By now, but particularly in the near future the human being will be confronted by lots of global challenges. So 11 % of the world population are undernourished. There is lack of medical care. Aggravating factors are the increasing urbanization, theglobal warming, an insufficient waste management and the population growth.

Within the scopeof a meta-analysis commissioned by clients, a team of Berndt und Partner members worked out a contribution about  the topic of “flexible packaging”. “Flexible packagings” are part of the solution, but by irresponsible misuse also a part of the problem. Now you certainly wonder, in which way a product with such a negative ecological connotation can remedy the situation and the global challenges. This meta-analysis givesobjectified answers to some related questions.

Figures make clear that flexible packaging is the most efficient solution to avoid global food losses – in contrast to other packaging products. Flexible packaging is also for hygienic reasons a „must“ in medical care. We should point out here: Only with a regulated and systematic recycling economy, the mankind will be able to handle ocean littering. The problem: At the moment around three billion people have no access to it.

Information about the meta-analysis: peer@bp-communications.de