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Your business is complex, your product is tricky, your aspiration complete? Then you will have a lot of fun and communication joy with B+P Communication.


B+P Communications grows with the expertise, that is given by the specialization in the packaging industry. For years we clearly established ourselves as THE communication agency in the packaging industry. Our wealth of experience is unique, our knowledge in packaging technology phenomenal. With each task new and valuable aspects come along. If you need a partner, who knows your business better than you yourself – simply have a look at B+P Communications.

Our Competences

Creativity is great. But the basis of each communication is strategy. Strategy gives creativity the needed stability. Therefore we at B+P Communications are in all areas strategists. At our house nothing runs without a plan. Long-term, sustainable success is always a result of an intelligent guideline. Can you follow us?

Strategy is fantastic. But without creation, the most intelligent plan won´t grow wings. Our creative aspiration is the needed simplification. So that complex aspects become clear, creativity has to make a mark. A clear mark. An unmistakably mark.

Creativity is great, strategy is fantastic. But without a very precise management, everything is getting out of hand – for instance budget or deadlines.

A good management keep things running smoothly at B+P Communications, brings all persons and things on track and is a significant success factor in the daily business – also and especially in not everyday tasks.

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Why you can trust us? Because you feel understood and because you appreciate that we speak your language.


Industrial and technical products are no liver sausage. So that the complexity of your products or services can be precisely transformed in fascinating communication, they require not only strategic and creative competence. They require also a high level of technological know-how – of B+P Communications. At our house nerds and technology followers are sitting, that have a brain for future. Who live in our industry. Who understand and make things clear.


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Strategy / Brand Development / Communication & Brand Check / Corporate Design / Campaigning /  Integrated Communication / Digital Media / Space / Event / Motion / Employer Branding / Media Planning

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