Challenges of (digital) brand management

17. September 2019Digital World

Although there is no topic in B2B communication in general and none in the communication of companies in the packaging industry in particular that is as much in focus as digitalization, it is even more remarkable how little of it is used in practical brand management. A recent study by the German Design Council in cooperation with GMK Markenberatung confirms this situation with the following figures: Almost 60 % of German brand managers in B2B say that their own brands – and ultimately themselves – “have no answer to digital change”.

At the same time, 85 % of decision-makers approve of the “high relevance for corporate success” of their brand, but only 58 % are convinced that brand management has a high or very high priority in their company. And the half admits that their brand has no clear profile or positioning. This again stands in direct contrast to the realization that clear differentiation (84 % for B2B companies) is the most important goal in distinguishing a brand from the competition and the communication based on it.

But the main failures of the companies are the content development (only 44 % believe that they are able to do so) and a reasonable reaction speed in the digital space. Only 33 % of those surveyed believe they can.

Challenges of digital brand management

Multiple selection possible (3 items)
n = 287

  • Ensuring consistent brand management across all channels 55,70% 55,70%
  • Development of brand-specific content 43,9% 43,9%
  • Development of digital value-added services 43,2% 43,2%
  • Enabling and promoting interaction in digital channels 33,1% 33,1%
  • Identification of the relevant key performance indicators 23,3% 23,3%
  • Cooperation with influencers 18,8% 18,8%

Source: Deutscher Markenmonitor 2019/2020 of GMK Markenberatung, German Design Council


Conclusion: There are obviously worlds between recognition and action. Failure without professional support from experienced service providers is the norm rather than the exception in brand implementation.

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