B+P Communications about employer branding and internal communication

by | Aug 23, 2018 | Trends

Employer branding and internal communication became topics, that increase in their importance for companies. An actual study demonstrates, that the GDP in Germany is reduced by the skills shortages up to 1%. At the same time 47 % of industrial companies confirm, that a lack of specialist workers and engineers limits the production possibilities. If there were more specialist workers available, it would be possible to invest more physical capital and technology. ¹ Therefore, employer branding became to a significant challenge for 87 % of the German packaging companies within the following three years. ²

Does a company of the packaging industry intents to meet this challenge, generally the following aspects will appear:

  • Classical instruments of employer motivation and –acquisition no longer serve any purpose
  • So far, nearly no company of the packaging industry did investments for the own employer attractiveness (employer branding), although the problem is already known¹
  • Human resources departments have a wrong focus: Human resources instead of talent management
  • For decadesthe packaging industry ignored to invest in its image as sustainable high-tech companies


B+P Communication can help you in tackling this issues solution-oriented.

Please contact Peer Schmidt-Paulus for more information about employer branding and internal communication.


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