Berlin people meet a Berlin masterpiece

by 15. January 2019You & Us

In the middle of October the time had come again. B+P Communications was thirsting for impressions and cultural education. On a cool autumn evening, the team was drawn to the Grips Theater in Berlin. There, the berlin show “Line 1” was performed.

The premiere of the successful piece/musical was in April 1986, which is why it can be described as an Berlin masterpiece without scruples. It is about a young runaway girl from the western province, who ends up at the Bahnhof Zoo in search of her fairytale prince, the Berlin rock musician Johnny. The girl gets stuck on underground line 1. On her search through the urban jungle, she encounters types and fates of all kinds. The girl’s naivety provokes contacts, reactions and actions that would never happen without her being.

“A show, a drama, … about life and survival in the big city, … about hope and adaptation, … to laugh and cry… – and to think about oneself.” (Grips Theater)


Three hours of excitement and entertainment to cheer and sing along. Very recommendable! Don’t miss this extraordinary performance when you are around again.

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