After the fair is before the fair

by 28. May 2019Trends

B2B companies form a completely different target group than, for example, target groups in the consumer sector. On the one hand, there are fewer potential customers in the B2B sector because the market is more segmented. On the other hand, these customers make far more important decisions concerning investments in companies. Although all this is well known in the packaging industry, there is a lack of a clear strategic orientation of the trade fair presence of many companies. Already in the first step of planning, i.e. at least one year before the start of the fair, it should be defined which goals are to be achieved with the trade fair presentation. The next step should be to discuss what customers’ expectations are. Especially due to the digitalization and the pronounced use of social media, companies have completely new possibilities to start communicating very early.

Strategically, the entire invitation management should be set up as a separate project. After all, what use is the most beautiful booth if it dies in beauty without visitors and substantial discussions?

The classic focus on one or more products as exhibits on the booth should also be set up as a project in favor of dialogue-oriented formats. Leads are thus upgraded in terms of content, the dialogue becomes connectable after the trade fair and can be continued at different levels.

This brings us to one of the decisive topics in connection with trade fair participations: Electronic documentation of trade fair contacts. If you don’t pull out all the stops here, you’re giving away cash. What is the point of the most beautiful booth if the discussions are not continued through the right sales channels and ideally brought to a conclusion?


B2B trade fairs are indispensable for companies and are one of the most important ways to generate potential customers and increase your own level of awareness. It is important to prepare the booths intensively. Equally important is the subsequent follow-up of the trade fair in order to further expand the contacts made.

Why am I writing this to you right now? Interpack will take place in Düsseldorf in May 2020. We should talk to each other: About your goals and their communicative implementation.

Peer Schmidt-Paulus,